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    We have finally welcomed a little boy, William, into our world. He is absolutely perfect and we are both smitten! 
    I wanted to write to you and let you know how the birth went. In short - fantastic! William was a week overdue by the time I finally went into labour. I had become a little more stressed over the last few days as midwives talked of induction. Luckily, I didn't need any help. 
    My waters broke and contractions started at 5am. Around 9pm the contractions were coming stronger so Rob, my husband and fantastic gatekeeper, dimmed lights, put me on the sofa and helped me through each one. We eventually went into hospital at 3am and were given a pool. I spent the next 10 hours in the pool with Rob guiding me through each set of contractions. 
    It was a long labour and I felt the self doubt creep in on a few occasions but managed to control it with help from Rob. Finally, after 33 hours in total, William arrived. 
    First of all, the labour was calm and controlled through the use of the birthing music, breathing techniques and trigger words. It was also a shared experience as Rob was involved in every step. Overall we had a positive experience as we were able to stick to our birth plan and both of us were extremely happy with the way things went. 
    I strongly recommend your hypnobirthing class for a positive and memorable birth. 
    Since the birth, family and friends have commented on how fresh I looked in the photos after the birth, with some adding stories of how they can't remember the birth due to pain relief. I feel truly blessed that I can remember every detail. 
    I am overjoyed that I was able to manage the pain on my own. 
    Thanks again, 
    Kate and Rob 
    Shared with permission
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