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Hi Lucinda,

Just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a baby boy at home this morning. He weighed 9lb 6oz at 6 days past due date so a bit lighter than his brother and 6 days later. The birth literally could not have gone any better and I have you to thank for so much of that. Although I don't think I achieved a proper state of hypnosis and was still very aware of the pain, I was able to stay calm throughout. The emotional stages were so so helpful to know as I knew that when I go to the point of thinking 'I can't do this' that baby was almost here. Thanks so much for giving me the confidence to try for a home birth. It has healed all the emotions that were still raw from the trauma of last birth and I'm so glad my lasting image of child birth will be one of comfort and calmness.

The contractions started at 1am on Monday morning but stayed sporadic and around 10mins apart until 11pm when they suddenly got more intense and we called the midwives. Until that point I was able to stay so calm. I baked a cake, we went for a few walks and had lunch out - I would never have dared leave the house at that point last time! The midwives were really respectful of my birth plan and pretty much left me to it apart from to check baby's heartbeat ever 15mins.

I listened to the birth tracks and the relaxing birth music through headphones which meant I could go into my own little world. This really helped until I got into the birth pool when we put the birth music on the speakers so I could hear Ollie and the midwives voices. I pushed when I was ready and didn't really need any coaching through this. Ollie used the 3-2-1-relax and stroked my head which really helped and our baby was born at 2:41am this morning.

Unlike jasper, who took two weeks to properly establish feeding, this little man has already had three feeds and was a lot more alert initially.

Basically this birth has been everything I wanted it to be and more. It still hurt a lot but I felt more in control and able to deal with the pains and emotions. I felt able to make my own decisions and loved Ollie acting as gatekeeper.

Thank you so much for what you taught us. I will treasure the memories of this birth forever :) Now to pick a name!

Many many thanks

Anna (and Ollie and baby) x

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