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I had quite a lot of anxiety leading up to the birth of my 2nd son as I had had quite a traumatic birth with the first and didn't have the self belief and confidence to envisage having the type of birth I had always wanted - a natural water birth without interventions. I decided to enlist the help of Lucinda and her hypnobirthing approach in an attempt to positively reframe the forthcoming birth experience in my mind and design a birth plan to meet my needs and address my fears and anxieties. It was a great decision!

As well as being very professional and skilled in her teachings Lucinda is very natural and intuitive and provided both me and my birth partners with a set of very personalised tools to help during labour. These ranged from unique affirmations, guided meditations, birthing positions, massage strokes to tips and advice on how to create the right birth environment for me. We also went through my last labour and looked at what went wrong for me and how we might manage this next experience differently.

I'm glad to say that I did manage to have my natural water birth and gave birth to my beautiful son Rafferty just in time for Christmas. I would like to say a big thank you to Lucinda for helping me find my lion within.



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Private hypnobirthing classes like Carys had are available on request. Please contact Lucinda via email or phone: [email protected], 07746897537. Private classes or a pre-class session are advised following a previously traumatic birth... or if you are already in late pregnancy and there are not group classes running before your due date. More details about Mummy Nature hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes can be found here:

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