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Mummy Nature Hypnobirthing antenatal Classes are held in the Stamford  

Catchment includes: Stamford, Rutland, Bourne, The Deeping, Peterborough, Lincoln, Great Oakley, Corby, Oakham, Leicester, Kettering, Huntingdon & Cambridge.



Originally trained in Natal Hypnotherapy with Maggie Howell, Lucinda developed Mummy Nature's system of Hypnobirthing as a full antenatal preparation class. Mummy Nature Hypnobirthing respects every woman's choice to birth in a way that feels right for her. This class aims to join like-minded couples as a supportive group with the common goal of a calm, relaxed and positive birth experience. The focus is on:

  • Couples (or birth partners) working together - birth partners finding their role.
  • Managable Sensations-  understand the basic physiology and emotional stages of birth and learn techniques that can help you to manipulate birth hormones and avoid the 'fear-tension-pain cycle'.
  • Informed choice - understand your choices so you are empowered you to make the right ones for you.
  • Hyposis sessions - for a calm relaxed mind, effective breathing and a positive birth experience.
  • Techniques to practice at home in the lead up to labour - Practice encourages new neural pathways to form in the brain so that techniques become increasingly effective.
  • Massage and movements (positions).
  • Birth as a natural process that has become feared in modern culture.
  • Taught by: Lucinda Story & Ellie Longbone both of whom are Hypnobirthing mothers, trained as doulas and are extremely geeky about birth and supporting women. 


Mummy Nature aims to support pregnant women whoever you are. We are LGBTQ friendly and use language that is as inclusive as possible. We are always open to feedback about how we can be more inclusive so please let us know if you have any ideas.  

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 Massage and movement




Feedback for Mummy Nature Hypnobirthing Classes: 

'Well presented, engaging, exercises are useful & reinforce important aspects of process, hypnosis combned with antenatal is very beneficial, good style - gentle, listening, articuate where it counts. All great and venue is a good choice (very comfortable and safe). Kiersty & Ruki First time parents

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 'I would recommend this course to anyone who's pregnant'Clare Watters Second time parent, comment after her first hypnobirth

'Good combination of thr theory and practical aspects of preparing for birth. Non preachy approach! Much better than a previous similar two day class we did in London. Really straight forward and honest approach to birthing. Relaxed atmosphere, nice venue, Excellent powerpoint.' Alice & Richard Second time parents

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'I felt more empowered and felt more confident that I could trust my body to have an instinctive birth...because of you I had a positive labour and birth, despite having a phobia of childbirth for years beforehand. You helped me believe in myself which resulted in a natural birth ...I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is expecting.' 
Chloe Rosamond First time parent, comment after her first hypnobirth

'Very informative, easy to follow, interactive, nice atmosphere, knowledgable practitioner, we enjoyed the class very much and found it helpful' Lotte & Giovani

'The weekend gave me the tools to be able to support my wife and have faith in myself, so when self doubt crept in I could support her. I knew it would all be OK, I learnt to trust the process, my wife and our baby. In developing my knowledge of the process I gained confidence. I left the course feeling empowered, ready for what lay ahead. When it came to the birth I knew what to do. I still carry the information card in my wallet! You really can't explain it, you have to experience it.' Adam Curry Fourth time parent, comment after first hypnobirth

'Lucinda is a wonderful teacher, very calming, good at listening and naturally instills confidence in your innate abilities. The class was well organised, informative with lots of practical elements which will really help. Handouts and powerpoint presentation very clear and useful.' Carys Vaughan a returning client after her refresher class.


'We simply could not have coped without you. You gave us the tools and confidence to have the birth we wanted'. Rebecca & Ian Moody Third baby, comment following first hypnobirth



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The dates listed are for weekend classes, weekday & evening classes also available in response to demand

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A Dynamic and engaging class utilising a multi media approach as well as personal and group interaction and sensory experiences.


 Classes are responsive to individual questions and concerns, a maximum of 5 couples per class.

Mummy Nature Hypnobirthing class is usually spilt over a two day weekend running 10:30 - 4:30 both days. This two day (12 hour) class includes a Hypnobirthing book and hypnosis audio. Once booked the hypnosis audio included will be sent over for you to practice. Evening classes also available. 


Private classes and refresher classes available on request. Private classes are usually 8 hours of tuition spilt over 2 weekend sessions or 3-4 evening sessions On a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.