Deposit: Weekend of 8-9th Feb 2020

Deposit: Weekend of 8-9th Feb 2020


Deposit:  Weekend of 8-9th Feb 2020

Please note this is a deposit only. The total cost of the class is £220 with the remaining £160 to pay on February 9th (Payment plans can be discussed). 

Mummy Nature's system of Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal preparation class. Mummy Nature Hypnobirthing respects every woman's choice to birth in a way that feels right for her. This class aims to join like-minded couples (Maximum of 5) as a supportive group with the common goal of a calm, relaxed and positive birth experience. The focus is on:

  • Couples (or birth partners) working together - birth partners finding their role.
  • Managable Sensations-  understand the basic physiology and emotional stages of birth and learn techniques that can help you to manipulate birth hormones and avoid the 'fear-tension-pain cycle'.
  • Informed choice - understand your choices so you are empowered you to make the right ones for you.
  • Hyposis sessions - for a calm relaxed mind, effective breathing and a positive birth experience.
  • Techniques to practice at home in the lead up to labour - Practice encourages new neural pathways to form in the brain so that techniques become increasingly effective.
  • Massage and movements (positions).
  • Birth as a natural process that has become feared in modern culture.
  • Taught by: Lucinda Story & Ellie Longbone both of whom are Hypnobirthing mothers, trained as doulas and are extremely geeky about birth and supporting women. 

:  at  £60.00  each