List of services & prices


My Prices are a guide, please make me aware if your family are on a low income as I offer consessions on a sliding scale where possible. Sometimes babies come at unexpected times and my preference is that women (and their partner) get the support they need.



A full 90 min home visit consultation is £50 in the Stamford, Peterborough and Rutland areas.

A 90 min - 2 hr consultation for your friendship group £15- £25 each (minimum of 2 people).


Mummy Nature Hypnobirthing

This is a 12 hour (2 day) class competatively priced at £220 per couple. Included in the price is a class manual, 4 Mummy Nature Hypnobirthing Tracks and Hypnobirthing relaxation music.

Private classes are usually 8-10 hours in the comfort of your own home (please book well in advance to avoid dissapointment as I can only usually accomodate one private course per month). Price £300 Plus travel outside of Stamford. 

Refresher classes for those who have already had a Hypnobirth are £100 for up to 3 hours.


Doula Services

Not Currently Available. Please see Doula UK for a choice of Doulas. 


Birth Debief

Debief your birth in the comfort of your own home and have the chance to be really listened to. You may decide to draw on my other skills eg hypnosis, postnatal arts therapies, closing the bones massage either during or alongside this appointment. Cost is £55 for a 1.5 hour appointment.


Private Birth / Postnatal Art Therapy Session

£55 per 1hr session. £150 for 3 sessions booked together.


Closing The Bones Postnatal Massage

Many traditional cultures use similar postnatal 'mothering the mother' massage techniques... this particular massage sequence which uses both hands on massage and a robozo scarf originates in South America. There are many emotional and physical benefits of this practice which seeks to energetically and physically close the hip area which widened for childbirth as well as massaging in an upward motion to encourage pressure to be taken off the pelvic floor area.

£55 for one session, £110 for 3 sessions booked together.